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This section is for touristic sites. We present in it how pixgrim can help in gaining new visitors.

Vue sur le monastère de Sapara sous un manteau de neige. Géorgie, Novembre 2016

Pictures, main criterion for choosing our travel destinations

We are convinced of the strength of the pixgrim concept focused on photography. We allow your potential visitors to know your site presented in its most beautiful angle.

But above all, we are convinced that these same visitors will be able to share themselves more beautiful photos of your site.

Together with the p0d, we will reduce the mass of blurry and poorly framed photos on social networks.Uncle Tony will finally be able to show you how beautiful are the Cevennes!

Couple se tenant la main lors d'une balade à velo, sous un coucher de soleil

Attract visitors when they are close to you…

The application pixgrim suggests to the user the 5 spots that are the closest to his position.

Personne utilisant un smartphone dans la rue

… as well as far from you!

Whether with the mobile application or the website, we allow travellers to prepare their visits remotely. The user will have access to the information about you and if you have seduced him, he will swipe you right* ;)

* he will favourite your site

Enfant lisant une carte


The p0d acts as a magnet with its rotation for panoramas and its intriguing QR code. So you can communicate on the history of your site in a fun way, either with panels or the pixgrim app.

Silhouette d'un homme portant une touche sous les étoiles


We are at the beginning of the pixgrim adventure pixgrim, and we have lots of ideas!

Imagine games such as geocaching or even the digital collection of p0ds around the world.

Imagine better marked trails adapted to our connected era.

There is a lot to do around the Internet Of Things (IoT). We are counting on you to be a pioneer in a limitless concept.

Main tenant un cadre photo dans un paysage de plage

Embrace our values

On top of making tourism more enjoyable, the concept pixgrim has the will to tackle overtourism.

Our ambition is to:

  • Better manage tourist flows by framing the photographic experience of tourists;
  • Fight against tourist congestion and promote the hidden gems wishing to develop their tourist activity;
  • Avoid flyers by proposing a dematerialised and interactive alternative;
  • Make tourism benefit the local population, throughout the cycle of the pixgrim experience. From the ice cream shop who will benefit from the flow of tourists, to the local metalworker who will have produce a p0d.

Are you convinced? Then contact us by using the following form.

Are you lost? Any suggestion to give us? Feel free to send us a message! Envoloppe pour contacter pixgrim

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