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You are a tourist site

This section is dedicated to tourist sites willing to know how pixgrim can help for a better image

Better master your image spreaded by your visitors

Lady taking a picture

By means of the p0d, you better master the pics that are spreaded on social media.
How? By offering a photo spot with appropriate framing and stability.

Attract visitors that are close to you...

Couple se tenant la main lors d'une balade à velo, sous un coucher de soleil

The pixgrim app suggests to the user the 4 sites that are the closest to its location.

... as well as far from you

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With the website or the app, we allow the travellers to prepare their visits remotely. The user will have access to information about your site, and if seduced, the user will add you to the favorite list :)

Communicate on a physical and digital product

man using coin operated telescope during daytime

Tell more about your site, on the p0d and within the pixgrim app

IoT at the service of tourist flow management

Enfant lisant une carte

We are at the beginning of the pixgrim adventure, and we have a lot of ideas!
Imagine games such as orienteering and the collect of p0ds around the world.
Imagine better-marked paths and adapted to our numeric time.
We have a lot to do with regards to Internet of Things (IoT). We count on you to be a pioneer with pixgrim.

Turn the 'Gram burden into a sustainable opportunity

Silhouette d'un homme portant une touche sous les étoiles

We aim at:
Better manage tourist flows by guiding the photo shoot experience of tourists ;
Fight overtourism and promote hidden gems willing to develop their touristic activities ;
Make tourism profitable to local communities, all over the pixgrim experience cycle.

Contact us

Are you lost? Any suggestion? Feel free to send us a message, we will be happy to communicate with you. Enveloppe pour contacter pixgrim